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The Resurrection [02 Oct 2012|10:40pm]
Hello everyone! So I'm not exactly back to tell you guys that I'm writing fanfiction. I'm not even sure people go on livejournal anymore but I got a comment a few weeks back saying to just give out some random updates about my life so I thought...why not?

It's crazy to think that once upon a time, my free time would be spent writing stories and making art. Now I can't think of a single moment where I can say I have time to write a paragraph saying hello let alone writing an entire story.

Here's some news about me in case you are wondering:

In 2010, I got graduated from college.
In 2011, I got MARRIED to the most adorable, supportive, handsome, and intelligent man in the world!
Currently, I'm doing an M.S. in Clinical Nutrition and applying to medical schools for next year.

My husband and I were thinking of a story to co-write since he finds my dual life in the internet as Queen of Serpents so darn fascinating. It was supposed to be a Harry/Luna fic since the both of us just feel like Harry should've gotten with her! My fingers are itching to write it and who knows... maybe we will? XD

You guys can follow me on twitter via in case I stop updating here on livejournal for any harry potter fanfiction or graphic design related posts that I might feel like doing.

If you're just curious about what I'm up to, follow me via

Currently, there's nothing much on either twitter accounts but I should be updating more regularly within the week =)

Also THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for reading my stories to this very day. I haven't been checking my emails regularly but today I opened it up and just saw so much activity that I am overwhelmed. I didn't know people still read my stories from time to time and I have to say that I'm absolutely flattered. Thank you!

Miss you all!
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A Comeback? Some rambling. [29 Jul 2010|01:20am]
So wow would you look at that! I haven't been here in years!

No one probably reads this anymore but I just popped back in because I actually am probably definitely going to make a comeback! It should be somewhere around October until I come back 100%.

So where have I been? Well...

click for more boring details!Collapse )
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Dramione graphics and such =) [18 Aug 2007|09:48pm]
Hey everyone! It's been so long since I've actually been here. I feel oddly left out *pouts* but now I've decided to make a comeback =)

So I've come here to showcase a few of my Dramione related graphics and manips =)

They prolly have been done before, but I just felt like showing you all and sharing a bit too.

+2 Dramione Manips
+3 Hermione Manips
+2 Dramione blends (for show only)


CLICKY!Collapse )

The manips are for you guys. Go crazy with them if you want but just credit me for them if/when you use them =)
Hope you like =D!
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Deathly Hallows [22 Jul 2007|10:14am]
So I finished reading last night after not putting it down from my hands for a good 12+ hours. Currently...I'm at a loss. My childhood seems to have lost its purpose and I feel like I've grown up. I know it sounds really odd...but I'm sure many of you who have read Harry Potter from the first time it came out and have been following it since will understand. I started reading the books when I was around 9 or 10 and now at 17...its over...the books shadowed me in my journey of adolescence. Now, the series has ended and I'm off to college come yes, this book, this last book...its really special to me.

Now...I'm not very sure if I liked it...but whatever the case is, I won't mention my views now. I'm going to go back and contemplate it...and then write my views here.

But feel free to voice your thoughts...

(CAUTION: Possibly DH spoilers in comments)

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OMG I SAW OotP! [12 Jul 2007|10:55am]
So I saw the midnight showing of OotP Tuesday night and OMG IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

I read a few comments from people over at mugglenet...people were complaining about it so much...saying the movie cut out a few good scenes and was choppy...etc...but personally I think it was the best out of all 5 of the movies and even...and now is where a lot of you folks will gasp and think I'm saying something times, better than the books. *ducks flying objects* Please don't hurt me for saying this, lol.

more...Collapse )

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Back! [05 Aug 2006|10:44am]
Hey guys, I'm finally back. I know I've been pretty lame in not updating this blog. But after getting a website, I kinda left this here not really caring. I still don't know whether I will frequently update this though. I do have up a new layout. Its simple, but I really love the hot feeling I get from the header. Its actually a blend I made, too big for a header, but I decided to put some use for it. Hope you all like!

I won't add anything else in this short blog other than the fact in a few days hopefully my BETA-reader will give me a edited version of Stranded's new chapter. So keep on the lookout and if you people remember me at all, visit my website so you could see more of me.

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New Year, New Layout, New Chapter! [02 Jan 2006|05:47pm]
Hey! Happy New Year everyone! I don't update here much, mainly because I mostly dwell at my website, but I just wanted to spread the New Year love even though a day already passed :P

Also, since I loved the header of my layout for version 5.0, I decided to use it here. So here it is, my "new" LJ Layout.

Also, Stranded has been updated in :P
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All is well guys, after a long email to the moderator who told me to remove it, another email, a complaint to an ex-moderator, the moderator had a chat with Emerson and now all is well.

Delightful Pain WILL CONTINUE to be posted in Mugglenet!

*does a dance*

I love Emerson. And I love reason. And I love mugglenet's understanding moderators!

unlike harrypotterfanfiction and
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Delightful Pain WILL BE DELETED in MNFF!!! [26 Nov 2005|10:22am]
Yes, I recieved shocking news on the morning of Thanksgiving from a moderator that Delightful Pain will be deleted by a mod in 3 days unless I delete it first in Mugglenet Fanfiction.

Now of course, every chapter I had was consulted by with a moderator before I actually submitted to the archive itself so this was more than just shocking, it was even insulting. Even the head mod when I first posted had no problems but now? Now they want to delete it.

So I don't know what to do. Two emails haven't changed anything and an ex-moderator I know hasn't gotten back to me yet. It's only a few hours left until the 3 day mark is met. I just wanted to let you all know that if you haven't read all of it, (or any of it) to go to:


*is pissed off*

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Fixed Fanart [06 Nov 2005|02:33pm]
Hey guys! After recieving much feedback and advice from people about my fanart, I went about to fix them and I added a background to my Lily/James pic.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Created using PSP8.

Hermione"s portraitCollapse )

Lily and James kissingCollapse )

Comments, suggestions?...
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Fanart...again! Hermione-vector-esque [01 Nov 2005|08:14pm]
Well...after working for over 17 hours, I finally finished creating a portrait of Hermione...vector-esque style. It's my first one!!

Note, her face/complexion looks a tad bit odd because the colors were...weird. I tried working on it but gave up. :P

Also, it's not all done using the pen tool, which is also why it looks bad. I gave up and simply brushed everything up.

Well...that's about all. Tell me how it looks.

Created in Paint Shop Pro 8

Teaser: Image hosted by

Ta-da!Collapse )
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[31 Oct 2005|06:04am]
Hey guys. I just wanted to let you all know that The is OPEN.

What is about?Collapse )

Now what does this have to do with Draco/Hermione?

Simple, really. I know a lot of people were complaining about the lack of "good", creative, well-written, original dramione fics in is swamped with both good and bad dramione fics and just fics in general. It's hard to sort through the not-so-pleasing fics and uncover the treasures and there's a lot of undiscovered wonderful dramione fanfics in that no one probably ever saw. Now we have an opportunity to start over in

More.Collapse )

Currently, I believe I'm the only Dramione shipper who actually posted a story there and basically...I'm feeling awfully lonely.

So c'mon, create an account, spread the word, post your stories!

I just thought we all should know about for the afore mentioned reasons. is swamped with MWPP-era fanatics and I don't want it to remain that way. A lot of people think that Draco/Hermione fics can be nothing but sex-filled and basically cliched fantasies, poorly written, and basically...blah. Let's make them think again.

x-posted in many placed. Sorry.
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[16 Oct 2005|07:54pm]
Hey guys! I'd like to show you all my first ever Lily/James fanart. It's a bit sloppy since I first colored it using crayons (*giggles*) and then decided to wash it up with PSP but after working 9 hours straight with the airbrush I decided I've done enough and it's as good as it could get.


The KissCollapse )

That's not really how I picture Lily, but I was having trouble deciding what to do about her nose and her eyebrows, especially the hair. Do you think it's okay or I need to go back and tweak it?
Also, Lily was originally Hermione and James was Draco. But for some reason, I changed up the hair and added glasses because his eyes were...idk. Anyway I think James fits rather nicely.
Comments and suggestions please!
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Back and with a new story! [15 Oct 2005|04:12pm]
So I've been out for a while...sorry, I guess. But I've just stopped updating because well...I don't know why actually. Anyway, here's a story from me to you. Enjoy.

Title: Lack of Heat Equals Cold
Author: Queen of Serpents (me!)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Draco/Hermione
Summary: "Draco...why are we doing this?"
"Because I like it, Granger. Don't you?"

She said yes that time. That time, things were actually happy between them. She was what brought him warmth, but when she left, there was nothing left but the bitter cold.
Spoilers: None [HBP not included]

If you want to see the banner a little bigger click hereCollapse )

Hermione=Warmth. No Hermione=No Warmth. Simple
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A D/Hr Graphic made by me! [29 Aug 2005|03:39pm]
Hi, um...this is my very first D/Hr graphic that I'm sharing in public. I was going to turn it into a banner but it turned into a wallpaper, surprisingly. I'm just new at PSP so it's not very good *sniff* but I was just depressed and decided to play with it. When I was done, I didn't know what to do with it. Maybe you guys can take a look, set it as your background, or whatever. Just be sure to credit me correctly if you're using it in the net or something.

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I'm really back this time! [29 Aug 2005|03:35pm]
Hey guys. Long time no update hug? Well, I've been busy with the move and didn't have intenet access for 3 weeks which was why. But I'm back now. Currently, I'm in a depressed state. But I won't bore you with the details.

I got my new room painted pink! And...that's about it. *shrug* I know. I'm a boring person. Sue me.
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I'm Baaaaaack! [25 Jul 2005|02:57pm]
Okay so I'm back from Washington (it wasn't Maryland, I got confused back then) and my cousin had a baby boy! Very cute, but I couldn't hold it and her other 4-year-old son was a pain in the ass.

I learned a huge lesson guys: Never allow little kids to play Spiderman games in Xbox. *shudders* My cousin's brother-in-law bought the game and we were playing it because I was bored. Little Adi (the little boy's name) was using it too. We were yelling "KILL HIM" every five seconds and it was pretty fun.

Well...WAS fun. Until Adi was kicking, jumping, and punching every single thing he lays his eyes on. I was sitting on the couch, drowsy and ready to fall asleep and there he is, the little critter, running straight at me. He jumped on top of me, his knees smach into my stomach, his head hitting my jaw and his elbow right against my collar bone.

I couldn't breathe.

Well my collar bone didn't break, thank goodness, but it still hurts and I couldn't laugh because then I can't take in enough air to keep on breathing. Basically it hurts a lot and I forced my dad to take me back home or else we would be there for a couple days more until the new baby gets settled in the house.

Right now, I have to make up Kaplan classes I missed which really sucks. And we're moving to my new house all next week. Basically I won't be online for a couple of days. No more writing or surfing the net pointlessly and it's going to get harder to update and reply to emails. I'm sorry if I never get around to reply to mail...I'll try though but if I can't, it's not because I'm ignoring you, it's just that I'm really busy.

And I updated my layout in xanga. Take a look! I'll be using it in my website in a few weeks.
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Fanfic Plans [25 Jul 2005|02:06pm]
Plans regarding my Fanfiction

(no major spoilers, guys, so don’t worry)

With the coming of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, a lot of things had been changed drastically. The death of a certain character, a few revelations, the identity of the Half-Blood Prince, and the role of a certain loved-one somewhat changed well…everything.

I had 5 work-in-progresses before HBP came out. And I'm here to tell you my plans about them. It's VERY important if you read my stories. VERY.

Read more...Collapse )

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Leaving for a while [20 Jul 2005|11:03am]
So guys, I just wanted to say I'll be at Maryland the rest of this week and won't have internet access. So I won't be replying much and then I'll be moving to a new house my parents bought. Basically I'll be pretty damn busy so I'm sorry if I don't get around to answering/replying mail or comments during these times.

Well, hope most of you have fun doing whatever while I'm gone!

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To Kill a Mockingbird and Harry Potter [19 Jul 2005|11:12am]
My next analysis is on something pertaining to Mockingbirds. If you have NOT finished reading HBP, do not read the cut.

Spoiling, spoilers!!

Mockingbirds and girls with names starting with MCollapse )
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